Our students are the future of health care. image

Our students are the future of health care.

Your gift will help them become accomplished, caring health care professionals!

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Help Students Like Stessie Succeed

My parents weren’t able to attend college and they always hoped that me and my siblings would follow our dreams and further our education.

As a first-generation college student, I want to give my 4-year-old son the best life possible and also give back to the community. After working as an RN, I hope to continue my education and become a women’s health nurse practitioner.

By supporting students like me, you’re helping to keep our community healthy and strong. Nearly three quarters of PA College students are from Lancaster and its surrounding counties, and most of us choose to work here after graduation. This trend benefits our local workforce needs, spurs economic growth, and improves our quality of life through the delivery of excellent health care.

With your help, PA College can continue to provide students like me with the academic curriculum, clinical learning, and state of the art technology crucial to our success.

Thank you!

~Stessie Pierre ’21

Associate of Science in Nursing program